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306 sw repairs log

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Some information on the repairs I make on the 306sw, if it can help you.

Repairs done this year:

  • New tires: Continental AllSeasonContact 185/65 R14 90T
  • New silent blocs
  • New air filter
  • New fuel filter
  • New anti-roll arms at the front
  • New distribution belt + water pump
  • New front windshield
  • New springs and shock dampers front
  • Inside Orange LED lighting
  • New speakers at the rear
  • Repair third stop light cable
  • Remove roof rails
  • Oil change + TriboTEX
  • New rear brakes
  • Automatic gear box oil change

Current status

more than 20 000km this year

Total costs this year around 4000€, including 1000€ price of the car

Currently around 7.5L per 100km

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